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Teaching Style and Philosophy...

I am dedicated to creating a positive, empowering lesson environment where I can best share my passion and experience in music. Everyone has the ability to play a musical instrument if given the proper instruction, encouragement, and patience. Playing a string instrument has also been shown to raise IQ levels, improve work ethics, enhance muscle coordination, help with college entrance applications, increase confidence, and offer many other benefits.


I use a mixture of Traditional and Suzuki Methods and believe that students should fully understand what is on the page before them. I stress the importance of having fun in music, ear-training, music theory, sight reading, and rhythm. I can also help encourage participation in youth orchestra, music festivals across the country, All State, and competitions. I'm now offering lessons in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


State of Colorado Background Check, most recently updated July 2019. 


How do I get a violin?

Choosing the right violin can be difficult. For beginners, especially children, I recomend renting at first. Many violin stores offer monthly package rentals that are easy to exchange and return. I have helped many of my students find suitable violins.

How do I find the right teacher?

Finding the right teacher, someone to help you grow as a musician and as an individual, is critically important. Do your homework. The person who lives down the block and teaches a few lessons on the side may be cheaper, but if you don't build up fundamentals and solid technique early on, you'll spend a lot of time and money getting yourself on the right track -- or worse, quit. The violin has a rich history and can be a complex instrument to play. Look for teachers who have extensive education and performance experience. You'll be glad you did!

How much should I practice?

Often and well! Regular practice builds muscle memory and discipline. Clocking hour upon hour of practice won't help you, however, unless you've got a good understanding what you're doing. Poor practicing is nothing more than reinforcing mistakes and can diminish your playing. I recommend practicing at least five times a week. You don't need to devote your entire day to practice, but you do need to be focused and purposeful.

How should I encourage my child to practice?

Many parents and adult students struggle with practicing. Simple things, however, can help to make practice more straighforward and fun. For instance, many kids love popular music from movies such as The Little Mermaid or Frozen. It can be a fun reward to learn to play music that family and friends might also enjoy. Goals such as a performance deadline, a recital date, or a competion can also help motivate. Good practice helps develop mental discipline and can encourage good study habits, time manegement skills, and focus for a lifetime!

Ready to get started?

I recemmend setting up a trial  lesson to all of my perspective  students because I believe finding the right teacher is a highly personal experience that's not to be rushed. I don't believe in pressure tactics. I do believe my education, training, and experience speak for themselves. 


Recommended Violin Shops

Robertson and Sons Violin Shop (Fine Violins)

3201 Carlisle Blvd. NEAlbuquerque, NM 87110

505-889-2999 or 1-800-A-VIOLIN


Eggen Violins, Inc. (Basic Models and Fine Violins) 

150 West Fifth Avenue

Denver Co 80204



Rick Molzer (Basic Models and Fine Violins)

3363 S. Sedalia Way

Aurora, Colorado


Meeker Music

624 N Tejon St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Mijares Violins and Repair

111 N Tejon St, Suite 1 Rear

Colorado Springs, CO 80903


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